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About Us

Who is Make My Pastry......Make My Pastry is a diverse and eclectic dessert company that creates elegant, creative and affordable desserts, from the all time requested all occasion cakes to the decadent french macaroons plus more.  I do it all. Allow me a chance to enter into your establishment and make your dessert expierience an unforgetable one!


Let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Joy Stephens(Executive Pastry Chef) and I came up with the idea for my business by just loving what I do! With a background in Fashion and Culinary Arts "Make My Pastry" was born.

Born in Jamaica,West Indies I had the opportunity to watch and assist my mother in the kitchen. We would make all sorts of delicious desserts from my country such as Jamaican rum cake's to coconut drops plus more. 

My mother had a passion and flair for the desserts she made, many of which were requests for her wedding cake masterpeices all of which I am proud to say has rubbed off on me. This is what allows "Make My Pastry" to be different from the rest; the passion to make and create delicious and visually appealing desserts is an art that was passed down to me from my mom plus additional training in pastry arts to broaden my knowledge and keep me ahead of the game!

I Joy Stephens (Executive Pastry Chef) aim to please and satisfy the most discerning palate.....So open your doors and let Make My Pastry take you above and beyond in the world of neverending desserts!  Bon Apetit.

Executive Pastry Chef Joy Stephens is amazing with the desserts that she makes, I was blown away by her "Pannacotta topped Brownie Cake w/stewed pears" moist and just the right amount of balance for my dessert expierience to keep me going back for more...I am a chef who tries his hand at desserts but this was incredible-Thank you Chef Joy.

  Chef W. Joseph,Brooklyn N.Y



Today I tasted a piece of my childhood! It only took one bite to feel everything wonderful and calm I felt as a child! I remember the first time I tasted Joy Stephens red velvet cake I was 18 and the joy it brought me I swear I could cry! The way I feel about food is magical I no what I like and don't and this tiny taste was everything and more I wanted and needed!!! I want to thank u u made my night and made Wilson gush.
H. Delibert Brooklyn, N.Y
 Pretty and delicious your own multi chain going global.
O. Tunau Queens.N.Y
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